3 Places to Eat in Seaside, Florida (30A)

Each year a group of friends and I head to Seaside, Florida for New Year’s Eve. It has become a fun, yearly tradition and we look forward to it and find ourselves visiting the same spots time and again as we slowly build this tradition together. This year, the beach seems to be the perfect destination for someone hoping to escape the reality of quarantine. Ever since they opened, vacation hopefuls have poured into the beaches. Maybe 2020 is your time to start a beach tradition with your family or friends…just make sure to bring your mask (and take it off occasionally- that tan line can’t be a good one!).

Grayton Seafood Company. We typically begin with a low key, but ultra delicious meal at Grayton Seafood Company. While it may not be on the written menu, the Conecuh Crusted Catch of the Day will probably be on the chalkboard menu in the front of the house. We have had both the snapper and the mahi mahi and you honestly cannot go wrong. We didn’t have high expectations because the restaurant is small and nothing fancy, but that meal is the one that we talk about the most. Everyone tries different meals each time, but J.T. and I never turn away from our Conecuh Crusted Delight and usually the rest of the table wishes they’d done the same. COVID Update: There was no conecuh crusted fish, but the grouper catch of the day did not disappoint. They also set up seating outside due to COVID 19 and it is definitely an improvement. The atmosphere was perfect for a night beach dinner. We texted the day before for reservations (as the website instructed us to) and it couldn’t have been easier!

Cafe 30A We are very fortunate to stay at our friend’s family place right across from what accidentally became our favorite eatery. We drive by the Cafe 30A sign that advertises buy one get one dinners each night from 5-6 so one night, we decided to give it a shot. They have since changed it to 4:30-5pm (likely due to #coronavirus) but it just might be worth scrambling over there by 4:50 to make it in time! Early and you can stop in their nice bar area for a fun cocktail before walking through the dimly lit, white table clothed aisles for your romantic, half priced dinner.

Old Florida Fish House On New Year’s Eve we schedule a late dinner at the Old Florida Fish House. Grab reservations for 8 or 9- whatever works that year- and share sushi or any other dish they’re offering. We have never had a bad option! After dinner we head over to the bar area and scout for a table that we can call home until midnight. The band is usually a nice blend of oldies and classic rock, the crowd is generally older than us (by like a lot) but it’s quickly become a fun tradition…and we are quickly catching up to the crowds’ age. For COVID, they have a wonderful outdoor seating area and we were put in a secluded pavilion section with just our party. It felt like a special night out. We put our name in when we first got there and waited about an hour.

Seaside, with it’s white sandy beaches, line of airstreams offering options from snow cones, juices, to doughnuts, and the delicious restaurants you’ll find, make it the perfect beach destination for couples, friends, or families!

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