Christmas Gift Guide for the Working Mom

Alarm Clock – Natural Light

I love this clock! The “sun” or light really, starts to rise slowly 30 minutes before the time you set the alarm for. This allows for a gradual and more natural wake cycle and has completely removed my need to hit snooze!

Alarm Clock

Computer Protecting Case and Carrying Case

In a rush, I packed my Stanly cup, yes open lid and all, in the same bag as my laptop. As you can imagine, the cup spilled and water soaked my MacBook. As with all things, you can buy a replacement for a mere thousand dollars. From now on, I will be more cautious and that’s why I recommend these computer protection pieces if you are taking your computer on the go. Or honestly, even if you just want to store it safely at home!

Clear protection case compatible with 13.6 inch MacBook

Carrying case

Iphone LifeProof Case

Ok, I know a LifeProof Case is nothing new, but this deserves a spot on here because previous to the computer scenario, I drove off with my phone on top of my car. I found it later on the side of the road- fully intact thanks to the LifeProof Case, so it will forever be my recommendation! Now, if I can only get my life together!

Iphone Case

Water Cup

I used to be a Nalgene water bottle girl all the way, but now I am more of a cup person. Since spilling my cup as mentioned above, I leave one cup at work and one at home. So even if someone has a cup already, this makes a great gift because really, ya need 2!

Stanley Cup

I did purchase the water bottle version as gifts for friends and would love this one too! Especially if you do want to carry that security water bottle with you!

Stanley Water Bottle

Desk Essentials

Standing Desk Converter Option

I love having an organized space and the standing frame has been a game changer for focus. When I was pregnant, sitting made my back hurt more so I purchased a standing frame and it totally relieved my back!

Standing Desk Converter

Desk Pad I just think this adds character and organization!

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