How to Make 4 Meals in 1 Hour

How to Make Home Cooked Weekday Meals Possible

Each week I cook 3-4 recipes that my sister can eat throughout the week. I hope sharing what I prepare helps you have healthy meals in your own home this week! She has a spinal cord injury so it’s important for her to have good food that can easily be prepared by whoever is helping her out that day! Learn more about Janey here.

What Nutrition is Important for Someone with a Spinal Cord Injury?

I focus on increasing fiber and adding good fats in. This is great for bowel regimen, but also great for heart health.

Reducing sugar helps her maintain a good weight while still enjoying food. Providing a good source of protein helps make sure she doesn’t get any skin breakdown. It also helps maintain her muscle mass for all her workouts!

Most importantly I focus on keeping it simple! Good nutrition doesn’t have to be so complicated.


Vegan Protein Powder

Hot Chicken

Oatmeal Base

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